Collaborative Lesson Study Malta (CLeStuM)

Dr James Calleja

Thu May 21 2020 22:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

For more information about CLeStuM initiatives and lesson studies:

Collaborative Lesson Study Malta (CLeStuM), housed within the Faculty of Education, is a project that aims to support schools (at primary, secondary and post-secondary levels) to learn about, initiate and sustain collaborative lesson studies. Since its inception in 2017, CLeStuM has supported twelve lesson studies in subjects that include Mathematics, Science, English, Art, Information and Communication Technology, and Engineering Technology.

The CLeStuM team members:
• provide professional development for teachers and school leaders on the lesson study process;
• facilitate lesson study meetings with teachers;
• observe and provide constructive feedback on lesson studies;
• conduct research on lesson studies;
• organise events in Malta to disseminate collaborative lesson studies; and
• participate in conferences and meetings to present their research.

The CLeStuM website ( includes numerous free and downloadable resources that educators may use. These resources include: articles, website links, videos, sample lesson plans, observation sheets and lesson study reports drawn from the initiatives taken up by a number of local schools. Recently, this work gained international recognition from the Lesson Study Group at Mills College, US, and the World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS). This development positions the CLeStuM project among the leading international initiatives that promote lesson studies.

Lesson Study Group at Mills College
World Association of Lesson Studies

The CLeStuM team is led by Dr James Calleja (Department of Leadership for Learning and Innovation). The other team members are Dr Michelle Attard Tonna (Deputy Dean and Head of the Department of Leadership for Learning and Innovation) and Dr Michael Buhagiar (Department of Mathematics and Science Education).

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