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The Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education is committed to principles of sustainable development and is currently a partner is an Erasmus + project called CARE, that is studying the enhancement of visual arts education with education for sustainable development elements that will promote creative thinking, critical and systemic thinking, reflection and development of skills, attitudes and values. The project aims to develop & deliver teacher training programmes that will empower school teachers in visual arts teaching within the framework of ESD and thus strengthen their teaching profile. The CARE consortium consists of Frederick University, Nicosia (coordinator), Aristoteleio Panepistimio Thessalonikis, European Regional Council of InSEA, the University of Malta and the University of Exeter. The UM team consists of Professor Raphael Vella, Dr Censu Caruana, Dr Isabelle Gatt and Ms Charmaine Zammit (Research Support Officer).


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