Recorded Webinars

This page contains recorded webinars on a variety of educational topics. The Webinars were produced by members of the Faculty of Education and guests.

Peer Mentoring and Education for Sustainable Development

EPALE Webinar 15 May 2020

During this webinar different support structures were discussed including mentoring and peer-mentoring - that can help educators be more effective in promoting Sustainable Development. Mentoring and online mentoring can be important tools in the current situation - which is both a crisis and an opportunity to reconsider our vision for sustainable development. 

Teaching using digital technologies: emergency or emergent? 

EPALE Webinar 12 May 2020

During this webinar teaching mediated by digital technologies was discussed. Participants looked at 5 different ways of teaching that emerged from research carried out before the current public health crisis and the dimensions of awareness critically shaping them. While earlier, there was derived from this work an argument that transmission and participation are facets of the same technology enhanced/mediated teaching process, what is observed going on suggests a lot of emergency remote teaching which if constructively (and mutually) supported and challenged may lead to (principled) online teaching.

Coping with the rapid transition to online learning in the COVID- 19 crisis 

EPALE Webinar 11 May 2020

During this webinar the participants discussed the benefits and challenges of the rapid transition of educators from the brick-and-mortar classroom to Internet-based teaching and learning.

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