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This short online course aims to establish a shared vision and common understanding of the principles and practices involved in conducting practicum visits and assessing student performance.

This is not a compulsory course for practicum examiners. 

All sessions will be held on Zoom. 

Examiners can choose the session/s which is/are of interest to them.


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How can you participate?

Please click on the link and choose the session/s you want to participate in.

Please register by Wednesday 9th December 2020, noon.  

All meetings will be held via Zoom.

You need not attend all the course sessions.

You will receive a link to a Zoom meeting following your registration.


Dates, Modalities, Codes of Practice and Other Matters

Date: Thursday 10th December2020

Time: 5.00 - 7.00 pm

Topic 2

Interacting with Mentors

schwalbe mentor.jpg

Date: Friday 18th December 2020

Time: 3.00 - 5. 00 pm.

Topic 1

The Practicum File and Evaluation Report

Dates and Times: Various

Topic 3

Online Education

Date: Various

Time: Various

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Dr Joseph Vancell PhD (Hull, UK)

Department of Leadership for Learning and Innovation

Faculty of Education 

University of Malta

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